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Safety in the workplace, environment, quality, food safety, training, fire prevention, electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems design, air conditioning, fire fighting), privacy, occupational health, and more!

The Company

GEO Studio Engineering is a service company which operates throughout the country since 1990.

Thanks to the intense activities carried out over the last twenty years, present Geo Engineering as a reliable partner in the field of assistance and advice to companies. Organized into two divisions, Technological Design and quality, environment, safety and health in the work environment (QHSE), the company operates through a solid structure made of professionals and technicians with expertise, experience and high skill levels, which allows it to represent the benchmark as reliable and always there for all kinds of business problems, interpreting in an innovative way the role of the active and operational Advisor, proposing adequate and concrete solutions.

The quality and level of services provided in both fields, consulting and design, enabled Geo Engineering Study to be chosen as a partner of many important public and private realities.

Its operations, cutting across all industries and handicrafts, has allowed the development of an established professional experience in any specific area, putting it in a position to deal with any problem or need pertaining to the world of crafts, medium-sized enterprises, joint stock companies, State-owned institutions, banking, insurance and school istitutes up to large companies in any industry.


Play the role of ideal partner, fast and competent, able to cope with all kinds of problem of obligations and adjustments required, whether legal, technical, administrative or organizational.

GEO Studio Engineering is able to customize the service for advice and assistance on the basis of the characteristics of the client, understands that every company has its own peculiarities. Speed, practicality, flexibility, experience and professionalism are the basis of our work.

The integration of these features with design, consulting, supervision and management of systems modeled on customer needs, allows Geo Studio Engineering an approach strongly oriented to the attainment of the stated objectives and performance in terms of quality, time, cost.

Our services are organized on 5 elements related to each other


Analysis of the critical points


Planning and project of the service


Check the regulations and customer requirements


Efficient management of the human resources


Monitoring and ongoing controlling of the activities

Organization chart

GEO Studio has defined its organization according to the following functional organization chart