Training, apart from being a legal requirement, it is an effective way to reduce injuries and accidents in the workplace. With this in mind Geo Studio offers companies a complete overview of courses concerning not only safety, but also the food hygiene, the implementation of plans of self-control and management systems.

Here you get an overview of the main areas and sectors that deal with our courses. The trainings offered include several fields and covers the needs of many different realities. In addition to the various courses available in the catalogue, the firm is able to offer customized solutions across the enterprise.

Some training courses that you can take


  • R.S.P.P
  • R.L.S.
  • Designated person
  • Risks specific for a job position

Emergency management


  • First aid
  • Fire fighting and prevention
  • Evacuation

Construction sites


  • Scaffolds
  • Crane
  • Mobile platforms
  • Work at height



  • Courses for food-handlers
  • Management of self-controlling systems

Ask for further information about training courses for your company.