Safety on the workplaces

The Legislative Decree No 81/2008 introduced many new obligations on businesses in order to improve the prevention and safety in the workplace that are increasingly being subjected to checks by the competent bodies.

Geo Studio offers a complete service to companies concerning hygiene and safety in the workplace,

through constant support of its technicians becoming a reference point for the organization. In this context, the firm offers and organizes internal and/or external prevention and protection service for companies or groups, while ensuring periodic internal audit execution in the safety field.

How we develop a project

Geo Studio Engineering deals with the safety and training of personnel for company dealings with services, transport, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, metal, etc. We also provide support to all businesses by assisting with:

  • Identification and analysis of all places of work, of all the tasks and analysis of human-machine relationship, human – working environment and infrastructure.
  • Analysis of equipment / systems / hazardous substances used and their possible effects on humans.
  • Analysis of existing procedures / instructions / operating modes.
  • Analysis of skills / qualifications / education / training for specific job.
  • Analysis of legal requirements and regulations.
  • Analysis of possible occupational diseases, emergencies and accidents.
  • Evaluation and training of personnel, non-compliance, corrective and preventive actions.
  • Adjustments, requirements, opinions of the bodies acting as controller, etc.

The steps to take


We draft together with our technicians an analysis document based on the area of work of the company. With the data collected, after a business check-up, we proceed to the identification of possible hazards and risks and their evaluation.


All situations which do not comply with current regulations regarding occupational health and safety requirements relating to machinery, plant, settlements and human resources are checked and together we will identify possible solutions taking into account the easiest and less costly path for the company.


Then we will proceed to inform of staff and employees, and where necessary training courses will be held to ensure the correct knowledge and use of regulations and safety devices.


At the end the risk assessment document is released as per the Legislative decree 81/08 (ex law 626) and subsequent amendments. This document will contain the measures and/or precautions to foresee and the improvement plan to be implemented in the company.

We remind you the following services offered by our company

Load manual handling risk assessment

Artificial optical radiation assessment

Chemical/powders risk assessment

Evacuation and emergency plans

Workplace noise risk assessment

EMF risk assessment

Risk assessment document

Assessing risk from repetitive movements

Fulfilment of obligations in construction sites (Decree 81/08)

Mechanical vibration risk assessment

Discover how we can help in the prevention and management of safety in all workplaces.