Photovoltaic systems

Our company developed permissions for the installation of photovoltaic systems on the ground and roof with power varying from 3 kWe to 999 kWe.

New photovoltaic systems for private houses and for companies

In addition to designing solutions tailored to specific customer requirements, we have obtained from our experience the characteristics of some plants-type and we have created all inclusive kit to help who is not expert in the subject and want a turnkey solution, clear and comprehensible. Anyway you can contact us anytime for support, assistance and information.

We offer power plants needed for domestic consumption from 3 kWe to 20 kWe and for industrial realities from 12 Kwe to 999 kWe, with the possibility to study forms of financing for the specific withdrawal or power exchange on place

All our projects includes all necessary facilities:

  • Inspection at the customer site and evaluation of energy consumption (electricity, hot water, heating).
  • Planning and budget: particular attention is paid by providing a written document with every detail in order to choose the best solution in terms of quality, benefits and investment.
  • Management on customer’s behalf of all permit paperworks and site inspections made by all institutions involved, including what concerns tax deductions.
  • Installation of the system, carried out by qualified personnel from Geo Studio Engineering, in compliance with safety precautions necessary for the management of work on the construction site.
  • At the end of the work a complete documentation of the realized plant is delivered to t.he customer, the maintenance plan and guarantees.



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