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Wind power is an area that offers great opportunities for both individuals and companies in terms of availability of energy from renewable sources. For this we at Geostudio also deal with wind power. We find the best sites, we obtain all the necessary concessions, we carry out all the necessary works and install wind turbines, new or refurbished, and comply with the laws and regulations in force.

The sizes of wind turbines can go from 10kW to 60kW and 200kW. We have projects of all sizes, with windiness either verified where anemometers are installed, either on statistical analysis throughout the territory. Mostly we are focused in the development and implementation of projects from 60kW, with the best technologies on the market.

Wind power plants

Wind power plants exploit wind energy to generate electrical power. There is no other external source, no waste produced during the process, and with very little maintenance.

Today, in Italy, about 9 GW of wind power were installed, which led to 5.4% of national production and cover 4.8% of national consumption of electricity in 2013 (from 1 January to September 30, 2013, cit.Terna data).

Currently, also thanks to the state incentives (Ministerial Decree dated 6 July 2012), installing a mini and micro wind plant proves to be very profitable to the individual user and the eco-system, guaranteeing a return on investment in the short term, a continuous and significant benefit in the medium and long term, and a substantial contribution in building a world more livable, for ourselves and future generations.

Our offer for your mini wind power plant is “turnkey”

  • Realizing preliminary design and sizing of the system;
  • Project realization;
  • Follow up and management of documents and concessions (DIA, paperworks for obtaining incentives, Enel connection, etc.);
  • We will assist you to choose the most competitive financial institution to obtain the loan for the construction of the plant; search for alternative forms of financing.
  • Any security or surveillance systems for control, even remotely, the installation;
  • Wind turbine and tower;
  • Inverter;
  • Transportation;
  • Installation;
  • Starting;
  • Construction supervision & management;
  • Writing final document;
  • Testing

Other services for renewable energies

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