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We at Geostudio are the right partner to help you enter the world of biomethane and make everything that nowadays your farm calls “waste” turn into extra value. Let our team of experts guide you in the construction of a plant. We will follow step by step the project, from feasibility study to permits and installation of the plant.

You will have high-quality biomethane ready to be used. The waste will now become a dual resource: biomethane and digestate for fertilization. In addition, the plant will have an ethical impact. Contact our team of experts to know more about biomethane systems, clarify any doubt and evaluate any project.

Plant description

Our company developed permits for the implementation of biomethane systems, which are nowadays the most environment-friendly and most performing renewable energy plants after photovoltaic and hydroelectric plants. These plants need to use an agricultural area of around 20,000 / 25,000 m2 (for a power plant of 250 Nm3 / h) with easy access.

Biomethane plants contribute to meet the requirements of methane for using automotives, producing it using sub-products such as some organic waste from animal breeding, food sub-products, and FORSU, an acronym for Organic Wet Waste, which would otherwise end up in the Composting site for compost production (soil conditioner for agriculture).

Biomethane plants, unlike biogas plants, produce methane that will have the same characteristics as the natural one extracted from the subsoil and, therefore, equally usable for automotives or other domestic uses. Moreover, the use of a biomethane plant represents an investment that is amortized over time, thus becoming a source of economic savings for the company.

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