Food Hygiene

About food hygiene , Geo Studio consultants support companies in the drafting and implementation of manuals of self-control, as required by Community legislation (hygiene package). The implementation of the plan of self-control is monitored through a continuous advisory service, which provides regular visits to the company and chemical biological and analytical monitoring of critical parameters.


  • Analysis of the production cycle and identification of its hazards.
  • Identification of phases in which there is hazard for food (microbiological, chemical, physical).
  • Identification of critical control points (CCP) through the methodology of the decision tree.
  • Description of procedures for the periodic review of CCP.
  • Methods for monitoring critical control points.
  • Determination of corrective actions.
  • Writing of self-control plan and its operating procedures as per European and regional legislation.
  • Definition of registration documents.
  • Microbiological control plan (when applicable).

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