Fire prevention

Geo Studio offers, thanks to its team of qualified technicians, full support regarding fire prevention and emergency management, starting from the preliminary planning, the preparation and presentation of project examination necessary for the release of the fire prevention certificate (C.P.I.) up to technical assistance during inspection of officials Fire Department , taking care of the relationship with the authorities directly.

In addition to inspections of the installations, the firm is able to complete the custom area fire prevention through the study and implementation of the plan of emergency management, training of employees to emergency crews and periodic testing of evacuation. In this context, the study offers its customers all the services necessary for the correct application of this discipline.

How we operate


    • Identification of the activities under the control of VV. FF referred to D.M. 16/02/1982 with a review and listing of interventions;
    • Technical report containing the sizing, design and regulatory arguments about fire prevention and safety;
    • Fire prevention-related drawings that contain floor plans, plans, sections, elevations and details;
    • Investigation and filing of project at the provincial command of firefighters;
    • Further information and meetings, until the release of the positive examination of the project itself, and then the green light to the implementation of activities;
    • Advisory on the building for the purpose of fire prevention.

    • Drafting certifications;
    • Drafting declarations;
    • Calculation of fire load and the class of the building;
    • Water plant testing;
    • Request for the issuance of the certificate of fire safety;
    • Request for site inspection;
    • Declaration for activity start;
    • Forwarding of documents at the provincial command of firefighters;
    • Technical assistance during inspection by officials of the fire brigade.

    • Verification of the fire water system;
    • Verification of existing documentation;
    • Writing of sworn certificate;
    • Preparation of the necessary documentation to be forwarded to the command of fire prevention for the renewal of the CPI;
    • Forwarding of documents at the provincial command of firefighters;
    • Copies of the documentation in the required number.

We recall the services we can offer

Plan for prevention and emergency management

Management process for issuing fire prevention certificate (C.P.I.)

Plant test

Evacuation and emergency plans

Assistance during inspection of Fire Department

Periodic testing of evacuation

Discover how we can help you in fire prevention and emergency management.