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We are specialized in safety in workplaces, environment, quality, food safety, training, fire prevention, design of electrical thermotechnical plants, thermo-hydraulic, conditioning, fire-fighting, privacy, work medicine, and more!

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Design of Technological Plants

We design electrical, thermal, hydraulic, geothermal, conditioning and alternative energy systems.
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Renewable energies

Design, development and assistance of plants based on renewable energies.
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Design and supply of Biopools

Design and implementation of biopools
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Safety on the workplace

We support you to guarantee a complete service on hygiene and safety in your work environments.
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Environmental Services

Project development and monitoring of emissions in the atmosphere.
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Fire prevention

We design, write and present the documentation required to obtain the Fire Prevention Certificate.
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Management systems

We implement and maintain quality, environment and safety management systems.
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Food hygiene

Preparation and application of self-checking manuals.
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Labor Medicine services

Me.La. is a project that offers work medicine services directly on the workplace
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Training is an effective system for reducing injuries and accidents in work environments.
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Biopools: the natural way to enjoy the water

A new way to enjoy the water, in total harmony with the environment and nature. A biopool is a completely biological system and alternative to traditional pools where water filtration takes place naturally, without the intervention of chemicals such as chlorine.

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